I Act Mindfully

I engage fully in each moment. I look for ways to be more mindful in my daily life.

I meditate and pray. I strengthen my concentration skills. I notice the goods things in life and remember that my life is precious. I take responsibility for my actions.

I check in with my body and mind. I scan my back and shoulders for signs of tension. I relax my muscles and correct my posture. I let go of resentments and disappointments.

I acknowledge my thoughts without making judgements. I notice my mental chatter without clinging or rejection. I accept things as they are. I replace judgments with curiosity and love.

I regard myself and others with compassion.

I connect with what is going on around me. I listen to my senses. I sharpen my awareness.

I give each activity my full attention. As I wash dishes, I notice how the soapy water warms and softens my hands. As I eat dinner, I savor each mouthful of food and drink. I delight in the flavors and textures.

I reflect on my purpose. I explore the meaning behind my choices. I align my actions with my values. I invest my energy in the things I care about.

Today, I am open and accepting. I feel vital and alive.
I focus my attention on what I am experiencing right now. As my mind expands, my peacefulness and clarity grows.

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