The Law of Attraction teaches us that “like attracts like”, and that means that if you want to live a positive and successful life then
that means you’ve got to fill your mind with complimentary thoughts and surround yourself with likeminded people.

But before you get to that point, here’s one quick tip to start you on the right path today:

It’s incredibly simple,
and it might just be the key to starting each day on the right foot.

Never, ever underestimate the power of a genuine smile.

When you are having a tough day remember to take a moment and think of something that brings a smile to your face.

  • A funny moment in a film you watched,
  • a dog you saw on the street,
  • something you did that you are really proud of.

When you smile, even just for a moment, it turns your thoughts to those of positivity.

When you take the time to be grateful then you actively chase out any self-doubt or negativity.

Smiling is also perhaps the most welcoming and inviting thing you can do to signify you’re a friendly and approachable person.
It may be the difference of attracting someone or scaring them off!

It may sound simple, but just give it a try.

I promise you, when you take the time to smile then you will find happiness is a little easier to find.



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