Hundreds of years ago it was so much simpler to find a purpose to dedicate your life to.


If your parents farmed, then you farmed.
If you inherited a flock of sheep then you became a shepherd.
If you got an apprenticeship with a blacksmith then—you guessed it—you become a blacksmith.


Today many people find themselves crippled with indecision when presented with so many choices.
Finding the ‘right’ career path can feel as random as spinning a globe and going to whatever random spot your finger landed on.

So often we find ourselves ushered into a position because it’s easy.

Maybe you have a friend who works construction who gives you a job,
or you started in the mailroom of a company when you were younger and slowly worked your way up the ranks.

What made us happy several years ago doesn’t necessarily continue to do so as we grow older,
and it’s important to ask ourselves if what we’re doing truly makes us happy.

The Law of Attraction can be the perfect tool to get us started on our road to making that ‘dream job’ a reality.

If you’re unsure, you’ve got to do a little soul searching:

Ask yourself what makes you happy, what you genuinely enjoy to do and then work backwards from there.
Find jobs that let you pursue your interests, and will keep you intellectually stimulated.

It can be difficult to take a risk to pursue our dreams, but with The Law of Attraction anything is possible.



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